We provide quality,
inexpensive, and sustainable
disposable tableware
to businesses and organizations.

Good for Business

Customers love making the sustainable choice, so an eco-friendly business can help increase sales. We offer competitive prices on top product lines to make sustainability work for your business. And you'll save on the back end: commerical composting costs substantially less than traditional waste hauling.

Good for Customers

Consumers love commerically compostable products for their quality and sustainability. Our tableware is more substantial than traditional styrofoam. Your customers will feel good when they use a sustainable product.

Good For the Planet

While styrofoam takes millions of years to decompose in a landfill, commercially compostable products return to rich soil in as little as 90 days in a commercial facility. The earth benefits when our products return to the ground so soon. Even our plastics are plant based, meaning they too are compostable!

Our Products

We carry pretty much anything you need to run a sustainable food service operation. From cups to plates, takeout containers to cutlery, we have you covered. Also available are compostable bin liners in a wide range of sizes. All of our products are certified compostable in commercial facilities.


We source from the best manufacturers of Commercially Compostable Products.

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Our Clients

We deal with businesses and organizations in the Central New Jersey area. We'll serve anyone from the smallest house of worship to a busy business. Addionally, we offer special pricing for non-profits that need some help going green. Not sure if your organization is ready to make the jump? Contact Us for more information about the benefits for your business or organization.